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InchargeKey® One

Replace your bulky power bank with the Pocket Charger Mini. This portable phone charger provides just enough battery to last the day and is compact enough to carry in your pocket. A truly wireless design so you don't have to carry cables on the go. Works with iPhone, Android, Tablets & much more!

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InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One
InchargeKey® One

InchargeKey® One




  • Portable charger for iPhone & Android
  • Compact and fits in your pocket
  • Wireless Charging on the go
  • Universal (works with all small gadgets)

Tired of your phone dying on you in the middle of the day?

Or stuck to an outlet because it's your only way of charging?

Charging cases with the same battery capacity as the InchargeKey One®

will cost you upwards of $99 and often overheat, damaging your phone's battery over time.


InchargeKey One® is a magnetic, wireless charger that helps extend your phone battery life and eliminates the need to carry a bulky charger and cables wherever you go.

Leave the cable at home and charge wirelessly. Our simplistic wire-free design guarantees you will never deal with annoying messy wires again.

Rated 4.9 By 47+ Customers


Imagine the freedom of charging your phone anytime, without being stuck standing next to a restrictive wall outlet.

Carry MiniMagnet™ in your pocket, bag, or purse. Use it while you are traveling or commuting in a taxi, train or airplane.

Rated 4.9 By 47+ Customers


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Big Offer For You

Big Offer For You


With an integrated intelligence chip, InchargeKey One® will charge your device 50-75% at a time.

The InchargeKey One® comfortably fits in your hand, so you can bring it wherever you want in your pocket. You won't have to worry about your phone dying ever again.

Charge at any time, anywhere. Now you can take control of your battery life with a single magnetic snap of your InchargeKey One®.

Rated 4.9 By 47+ Customers


Not only is InchargeKey One® compatible with all Smartphones, wireless speakers, and smartwatches, it can also be used to charge your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS5 controllers!

you can be certain that you'll stay connected throughout the day. The InchargeKey One® is so powerful that it can more than double your device's battery life.

Rated 4.9 By 47+ Customers

Package Includes

✓ 1 x InchargeKey One®

✓ 1 x Magnetic USB recharging cable

✓ 3 x Magnetic device adapter (Lightning, Type-C & Micro USB)

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