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The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

The Swiss Army Knife of Cables

Charging a Smartphone is easy. There are so many technologies to make it even quicker than you ever think. But the real problem arises when your Smartphone charger is not with you or you are in a remote location. We are now coming up with the smartest solution with our multi charging cables, the smartest inCharge have ever built.


PRACTICALITY IN DESIGN: We have built this inCharge Key with a brand new  practical design concept which not only makes it look good but it is the most user friendly design. It has four different types of cable inputs/outputs, offering all the connectivity possibilities you’ll ever need. It is made of high quality zinc materials. The inCharge Key has a zinc aluminum alloy metal housing, TPU cable guard and braided copper wires which makes it ultra-tough. The structure of the inCharge Key made of zinc and aluminum alloy and the TPE cable covered with nylon protection make it suitable for the most extreme condition


Simultaneous charging and Power Transfer:  when you are not able to find your charger or not a plug just try to convince your nearest one to use their phone to charge your phone . You can simply connect both phones with our inCharge Key and then see the magic. It takes a few minutes to charge your phone as per your phone’s or device’s battery capacity. You can also transfer data through this inCharge Key. Our Super-Fast Data Transfer Technology makes it simple to transfer data from one phone to another . Now you don’t need to search for a data cable or something horrible like that. With our super fast data transfer and charging technology we solve the problem that most data cable or charging devices are not able to solve . So if you want to solve  the charging problem and enhance your data transfer experience our inCharge Key device is the ultimate solution.


COMPATIBILITY: One of the biggest advantages with this inCharge Key is that it is universal . This inCharge Key is  compatible  with almost any devices available in the market such as Apple, Android and Microsoft devices ( phones, tablets, laptops,desktops).. This  universal  cable connector has four different types of cable inputs/outputs offering all the connectivity possibilities you’ll ever need. So now you don't need to worry about the compatibility of inCharge Key. You can use it almost all the devices exist in the market. You can also help others with this inCharge Key who wants to charge their phone or transfer data to other devices in any situation.


PORTABILITY: It is super portable and easy to use anywhere and any situation. Because of its lightweight and small size you can put it easily in your backpack or your pocket. People loves it because of its super portability and superb performance . It is also easy to maintenance. It’s N52 magnets, which are strongest in the market together with anti-slip system  it ensure that it can never open accidentally.


Affordable Price : It is affordable . Just at $28.99 you can get this magnificent Swiss Army Knife of Cables inCharge Key. Buy it and make your devices more easy to use.